NOW Services is a holistic wellness center

dedicated to finding natural alternatives to go beyond controlling symptoms and to move towards restoring health (mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically). A weakened ‘Self’ is at the center of emotional disturbance. As such, our aim – first and foremost - is to strengthen the ‘Self.’

Our Belief

Our clients seek to be better and have made their best attempts at solving theirs issues. Their destructive choices and results are consequences of a limitation in skills, knowledge & experiences. Our clients are able to develop more successful self-management skills and improve their self esteem.

Our Approach

Maintaining an empathic, respectful point of view while teaching specific skills in self-talk, assertiveness, mental imagery, communication skills and advanced problem-solving, we will help out client develop more successful self management skills and improve self esteem. Through Self-empowerment, our client are liberated and can become healthy, independent individuals who can and will reach Self-Actualization

Our Services

Consultation/Life Coaching/Therapy/Workshop/Seminar

• Takes the form of sharing ideas and experiences • Rendered to the individual is in the form of Motivational -Coaching combined with the use of Applied Psychology and the principles utilized in Clinical Hypnotherapy; • Cannot take the place of medical care, and we make no claim to provide medical diagnosis nor to recommend the discontinuation of medically prescribed treatments.

Core Services

• Individual & Couple Mentoring • Family & Group Guidance • Children Assessment & Development • Expressive (Play) Therapy • MBTI – Personality Assesment • NOW Hypnotherapy

Other Programs

• Anger Management and Resolution (CARE) • Knowing Yourself • Stress Management and Resolution • Self Esteem Enhancement • Emphatic Communication • Rational Effective Approach to Parenting (REAP)

Our Policies

Individual/Couple/Family Appointments are generally scheduled for one clinical hour (with 45 minutes of that hour devoted to your work).
Please be respectful of our time. You will be billed for a "no show" or for an appointment that is not cancelled with a 24 hours advance notification. If you are unable to make an appointment, do call to cancel as soon as possible so that the hour can be allocated to someone else who may be in need.
Again, please be respectful of our time. It is considered a "no show" if you are 15 minutes late. The 24-hour Cancellation Policy will apply, even if you do show up later. You will be charged for that session and we will reschedule your appointment.
You may reschedule an appointment one time if you do it no less than 24-hours before your next appointment. You may only reschedule the same appointment one time. If you need to reschedule the rescheduled appointment, you will be required to pay for that appointment.
Because of the personal growth nature of the practices we work with, we will always ask you to speak from a place of responsibility, based on the choices you made leading up to the event you are faced with. An example would be being responsible for coming to your appointment on time. We understand you have "reasons" for things happening in your life. Please keep in mind that you always have a choice. Even though you may get uncomfortable at times, we will ask that you face yourself truthfully.
Please refrain from any type of solicitation, enrollment, recruitment, or flirtation in our office. Any conversations that take the focus off of the services you are paying for taints the integrity of the consultation services you are paying for. If you have something you think we may be interested in, please put it in writing and if we are interested we will contact you about it.
In order for us to work with you effectively, we will need for you to come prepared to turn off cellular phones, beepers or other noisemakers. Please do not bring pets into our office (other clients may have allergies). Please make arrangements for childcare unless your child is brought for the purpose of consultation. You may bring water, but not food, gum, or cigarettes. Please do not bring weapons or drugs into our office.
All matters discussed during your session will be treated as confidential. Nothing you disclose shall be disclosed to a third party without your written consent. There are three exceptions to this rule of confidentiality. 1. Other therapists may review the work of your therapist. The therapists are all bound by the rules of confidentiality such that they cannot disclose matters you raise to third parties. 2. Your therapist believes your life is in danger, and 3. Your therapist believes someone else's life is in danger. In any of the three situations listed above, your therapist will inform you of what they intend to do.

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