We have created this page for you to access some of the program booklets we have used numerous times with clients or participants at our workshops. This is intended to be as a resource for you. So please do download the topics you feel will help you or someone you know. You may download the PDF files below by simply clicking on the links.

There are no charges for the use of these uploaded material at this time. However, if you find them helpful do feel free to make a financial contribution to help support our work. If you are unable to make a financial contribution, there are other ways too that you can support. For example: pass the material on to those you think can benefit from it; send us well wishes, prayers and good intentions; drop us a note/email just to let us know how you are doing and that our effort is actually reaching someone.

Thanks for visiting our website, and we wish you well.


NOW Smoking Cessation
NOW – Smoking Cessation


NOW – Treating Depression
NOW – Treating Depression


NOW – Dealing with Suicide
Tips on helping a suicidal individual


NOW – On Parenting
NOW – Parenting: Journey of Life


Do check back from time to time. We will continue to update the list of materials here as soon as are we able to. Some other topics may include self-hypnosis, stress management, anger management, therapeutic journaling, knowing your Self, and so on.